Monday, 20 June 2016

Species habitat

WALT describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them.
Success Criteria:      
  1. Write an introduction
  2. Write a paragraph describing each creature and the habitat               
  3. Write a conclusion
  4. Add detail about the habitat eg
    1. Plants, landscape, temperature, weather, animals living there
  5. Add detail about the creatures eg
    1. Appearance
    2. Size
    3. Species they belong to
    4. Diet
    5. If endangered
  6. Use detail and descriptive words

I have a New Zealand ocean habitat and included 3 creatures that live there, one endemic, one native, and one introduced.

The Ocean habitat is 70% of earth and the deeper you go in the ocean the darker it gets. The ocean contains seaweed, algae, kelp, sponges and coral reefs. The ocean water freezes at -1.94 degrees Celsius. That means it is so cold that ice can form. The average temperature of the Ocean surface waters is about 17 degrees Celsius.  Animals that live in the Ocean needs to have gills because gills are for breathing water. The Ocean is responsible for weather because Pacific Ocean water gets evaporated and floats up to the sky to the Stratosphere and that is the place where the evaporated water cools down and turns to clouds, but if a lot of evaporated water goes in a cloud it turns to a rain cloud but a lot of evaporated water = storm/cyclone.

The endemic creature I have chosen is the Longfin Eel. The Longfin Eel is the longest and only and endemic eel in NZ. The eel is 73.5 cm in length. The Longfin Eel is Endemic to New Zealand, the Longfin Eel, so-named because its dorsal (top) fin is longer than its bottom fin, is probably the biggest Eel in the world. Slow growing and sometimes living for 80 years, some females can reach 2 metres long and weigh up to 40kg.

The native creature I have is Hector's Dolphin. The Hector's Dolphin is one of the smallest marine Dolphin in the world. They grow up to 1.5meters in length and ONLY found in New Zealand. Two subspecies of Hector’s Dolphins exist: the South Island Hector’s Dolphin which is found around the South Island of New Zealand, and the Māui Dolphin which is found off the West Coast of the North Island.

The introduced creature I have is the Great White Shark. The female Shark gets up to 6.4 and 4.5 meters. Sharks rarely attack humans. Great White Sharks have an amazing sense of smell. It is believed they can smell single drops of blood in the water. They also have good eyesight and hearing so they have no trouble hunting for food any time of day or night.

In conclusion The Longfin Eel, Hector’s Dolphin and The Great White Shark live in the New Zealand habitat.

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