Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dear diary

WALT-View the world from another person’s point of view.
Dear diary 04/05/2016
Life in the trenches is unbelievably horrible. Killing the innocent is unfair. The food is anything but satisfying. All we can eat are crushed eggs, stew, and no fresh fruits that is unfair to us. We never change our uniforms.The uniforms only get cleaned whenever it rains.

I Woke up at 5:00am the war was about to begin.Later on we were marching to the battlefield. War was about to start and no guns fired we were feeling nervous .A few moments later KABOOM!!!! A bomb exploded.Then guns started to fire crack crack crack machine guns fired at us.The war was raging like animals in the zoo
05/05/2016 the war was still going on I didn't know what to do.Then I spotted a patch of poppies that the germans didn't even notice.So I carefully squeezed through the barbed wires and crawled through no mans land to the pach of poppies.Just as Got to the poppies a bomb exploded! I was covered with blood as if I had taken a blood bath.I got shot in the right hand and my rifle is destroyed.luckily I found a place to hide unfortunately a german soldier got there before me! I reached for my rifle but I remembered it was broken and useless.
06/05/2016 The other man was hurt and missing his helmet, I was frightened those machine gun bullets had shot me, but why didn't I feel them? The german soldier was holding out a poppy and pointing at my uniform. I wonder maybe I don't feel the bullets because when the bomb exploded at the patch of poppies the blood red poppies stuck to my uniform. So I blew the whistle then the messenger dog came. I wrote a note that said help man hurt and I also put in the poppie that the german soldier held. Help came and the NZ soldiers helped the german soldier the german said ‘Danke’

Next step write more interesting writing

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